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Hi, I’m Bradley. I’m a computer scientist who believes that pixels are people too.

Making things is what I do. In 2016, I graduated from Taylor University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – New Media / Systems. My education integrated computer science, systems analysis, and design. Now, I wander the world programing software and solving information security problems. I am passionate about building secure applications that people enjoy using. Although my interests are varied, I tend to gravitate towards the web. My experience ranges from building frontend web applications to probing backend systems for bugs and exploits. You should check out some of the cool things I’ve done or get in touch with me.

I can be contacted via email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Sometimes, I post videos on Vimeo or YouTube. For samples of my work, go to my Github profile or check out my portfolio. Want the short version? Download my resume.

Use my GPG public key for secure messages. Fingerprint: 150C 68BB 3BA2 F6E8 8CE6 3E26 73D6 4308 CADA B35D. I’ve verified my online identity on